Immagine prodotto Tagliolini all'uovo

Tagliolini all'uovo

Category: Le scatoline



Number of pieces in the package:16


Carton measurements:41x20,8x28,1 h

No. cartons / row:10

No. rows / pallet:7

No. cartons / pallet:70

Pancale measurements:80x120x212 h

Produced with Tuscan durum wheat semolina, processed using artisan methods, bronze-drawn and dried at a low temperature.
They distinguish themselves for the presence of the Wheat Germ, the heart of the Wheat Grain, that it’s restored to the flour by the Pastificio Morelli, because it processes it immediately, when still fresh, through the use of the artisanal techniques.
They’ve a quick cooking and a great consistency. This pasta can be mixed with Nettle, Tomato or Salmon tagliolini since they all have the same cooking times (5 minutes). It is ideal with fresh truffle or simply with tomato sauce or creamy cheeses.