Immagine prodotto Spaghetti


Category: Pasta di semola



Number of pieces in the package:12


Cooking minutes:8

Carton measurements:30x25x27,7 h

No. cartons / row:12

No. rows / pallet:5

No. cartons / pallet:60

Pancale measurements:80x120x154 h

Spaghetti is the pasta that best represents Italian cuisine in the world.
Produced with Italian bronze-drawn, durum wheat semolina, the spaghetti come in a rustic, straw-coloured paper package, like the ones used by grocers in the past, and which are reminiscent of tradition and the meaning of the word hand-crafted.
Medium-size spaghetti, with an 8-minute cooking time, perfect served with fish-based sauces.
Excellent when mixed in various amounts with "Spaghetti with black squid ink", as they have the same cooking times and produce a much more attractive and richer “seafood pasta” dish.