Immagine prodotto Straccetti al fungo porcino

Straccetti al fungo porcino

Category: Pasta con il gusto



Number of pieces in the package:12


Cooking minutes:5/6

Carton measurements:40x30x24,7 h

No. cartons / row:8

No. rows / pallet:7

No. cartons / pallet:56

Pancale measurements:80x120x192 h

Produced with Tuscan durum wheat semolina, processed using artisan methods. The wave on the side and irregular shape mean this pasta does not stick together when cooking and fills the plate. This pasta releases an amazing, distinctive fragrance of the Mushrooms and wheat germ during cooking.
Ideal served with sausages or just simply with butter and cheese. This pasta can be mixed with the Wheat Germ, or the Egg straccetti, since they’ve the same cooking time (5/6 minutes), to create a more colourful and rich in flavour plate!